Friday, April 2, 2010

Received First Adsense Check, Expecting another soon

It has been a while since I last gave an update. I am very sorry about this. I have been making progress though. The last time I reported that I finally broke the adsense threshold, which is $100. Since the time I started with adsense, it took some years to achieve this milestone. However, if I start counting from the time that I really started learning how to do this properly, it would be more like 5 months.

I am pleased to report that I did get my first adsense check, which was for a little over $100. And it is with great pleasure that I can say I have surpassed the threshold again, and am now expecting another pay cheque from google, for a little over $130, all this within two months since I first reached the minimum cash-out of $100. So I am gaining some ground, though I'm still not at the point where I am making enough to expect a cashout each month.

I did report previously that I planned to use some of the money I've earned from adsense to outsource some of the work, so that I can progress faster. Well I have so far outsourced a few articles to help with my backlinking. I hope to outsource more to help boost my rankings in the search engines.

It was my estimation that I would need to write about 240 money articles to reach my target of 100 per day. I was therefore supposed to find 240 keywords that have a certain potential. Unfortunately I cannot say that I have completed this work. I did do some research, and I found a few other keywords. So I still have a lot to do in this aspect of the business.

My daily income has been varying. I have had days where I did over $6 and $5. But this has not been a consistent result. I still have days where I make less than $1. I am positive though that with persistence, and sticking to the plan of writing the 240 articles, that my daily earnings will increase, and become more consistent.

Ok, that's all for now. I do expect that the time that elapses between now and my next update will be much shorter than the time elapsed between now and my last update.

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