Friday, April 2, 2010

Received First Adsense Check, Expecting another soon

It has been a while since I last gave an update. I am very sorry about this. I have been making progress though. The last time I reported that I finally broke the adsense threshold, which is $100. Since the time I started with adsense, it took some years to achieve this milestone. However, if I start counting from the time that I really started learning how to do this properly, it would be more like 5 months.

I am pleased to report that I did get my first adsense check, which was for a little over $100. And it is with great pleasure that I can say I have surpassed the threshold again, and am now expecting another pay cheque from google, for a little over $130, all this within two months since I first reached the minimum cash-out of $100. So I am gaining some ground, though I'm still not at the point where I am making enough to expect a cashout each month.

I did report previously that I planned to use some of the money I've earned from adsense to outsource some of the work, so that I can progress faster. Well I have so far outsourced a few articles to help with my backlinking. I hope to outsource more to help boost my rankings in the search engines.

It was my estimation that I would need to write about 240 money articles to reach my target of 100 per day. I was therefore supposed to find 240 keywords that have a certain potential. Unfortunately I cannot say that I have completed this work. I did do some research, and I found a few other keywords. So I still have a lot to do in this aspect of the business.

My daily income has been varying. I have had days where I did over $6 and $5. But this has not been a consistent result. I still have days where I make less than $1. I am positive though that with persistence, and sticking to the plan of writing the 240 articles, that my daily earnings will increase, and become more consistent.

Ok, that's all for now. I do expect that the time that elapses between now and my next update will be much shorter than the time elapsed between now and my last update.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Adsense Threshold Reached!

As the subject of this entry indicates, I have reached the threshold for withdrawing from my google adsense account. Actually I made it to the $100 mark just a day after making my last entry, so this is somewhat old news. Anyway, this means I should receive my first pay cheque from google either this month or next month. They should be sending it this month, but I'm not sure how long it will take to arrive.

So that's the good news. The bad news is that I failed to stick to my plan. I had intended to find 240 keywords to write about by the end of the first week in February. Alas, that did not materialise. I did find some new keywords, but nowhere near the targeted 240. On the positive side however, I did manage to get some articles posted for a few of these keywords I found. I didn't actually write the articles myself; I got a friend to help out. I still need to do the research and find a lot more keywords to tackle, and I still plan to outsource about 18 articles this month, using the money I'm getting from my first google pay check.

I notice that my search engine rankings for certain articles have been falling. I need to try to boost them up with a couple backlinks so that I can continue to profit from them. So my focus now is to try to get certain articles/sites ranking better, by means of building backlinks, as well as to try to produce content for certain keywords I already found. At the same time, I need to still add to my keyword list. I fully intend to reach my target of $100 per day sometime this year, and hopefully months before the year is over.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Struggling along with Adsense

I should have posted an update long ago. Last time I posted was last year. At the time I mentioned that my progress had slowed, as the site I was making consistent income from, fell in the google ranks. My plan was to create two new sites and try to raise my average daily earnings to approximately $3.

Ok, well I only created one additional site. I did not reach $3 per day, and I still haven't reached the $100 mark to request my first withdrawal. I am very close to it though, and I should definitely be able to request my first google cheque in February.

The new site I created is not yet on the first page of google. I think right now it is going between pages 3 and 4. However, for the few visitors I've received, I've gotten a taste of what things could be like once the site gets on the first page, as each click pays quite well.

My aim for this year, though I hope to achieve this long before the year is up, is to make on average $100 a day. I've done some calculations, and I think that I can reach this goal with 240 keyword focused posts. This is going to be a lot of work. First of all, it requires doing the keyword research. Then I will need to create the posts. Then I need to do what I can to get backlinks to each post/article, until they rank well enough to start earning near their potential.

As this is really a very tedious and time consuming task, I intend to outsource some of this work, using current earnings. So once I request a cash out, I will look into outsourcing some of the content creation. I will be spreading these articles over the few sites I have. If I find any real keyword winners, I may also create new sites to target them.

So my first order of business is to come up with about 240 keywords. Once I do this, I will try to put a timeline on when I hope to achieve the $100 per day. I am going to try to assemble this keyword list by the end of the first week in February. This should be an exciting year. So check back to see my progress.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Google Slapped - Adsense Revenue slow

It has been a while since my last update on my adsense progress. I was once on track to making $30+ dollars for the month of November. That is, I was averaging $1 a day. However I barely made over $20. The site from which I was making most of this income suddenly fell in the google search results. Therefore people were no longer visiting the site. My traffic pretty much dropped to 0, and in fact it is still averaging 0.

So my adsense revenue has been down. I tried gathering backlinks for my site to help get it back up to where it used to rank, and there seems to be some progress with this, but I am not ranking well enough yet. I decided to take a break from this site, and focus on my other site, creating posts/articles that will help boost my revenue. I have had a modicum of success with this. I am in the process of creating more income generating content.

Between now and the end of the year, I hope to be making at least $3 per day. I will be creating two more sites, and hopefully I can get them to rank shortly after launching. I will report on how well this goes, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Adsense Progress and Frustrations

I am somewhat frustrated right now when it comes to adsense. But before I explain, let me quickly relate my earnings progress for the last week. Essentially for the last week I averaged $1 per day. This is pretty much in line with my average for the month so far, so I can't really say I've made progress. In fact, things look like they might be slowing down, and this is where my frustration comes in.

I am trying to grow my adsense income. Currently averaging $1 per day (which I must say is far better than where I was just a couple months ago), but hoping to soon reach $5 a day, then $10, and even $100 per day. Basically my niche site has been the more consistent money earner. For the page that I've made the most money from on that site, it was making money even when it showed up on page 3 of the search results. Then it went close to the top of page 2 and I thought it wouldn't be long before I reach page 1 where I should start to see some real growth in income. But for some reason, google decided to move my page near the bottom of page 5 in the search results. That's page 5! I get zero traffic from being on page 5. So for the last couple days, my earnings have been very poor.

I am looking to recover and surpass my average $1 per day. I hope to get my pages ranking much better soon, which I will try to achieve by getting more backlinks to them. Also, I plan to create some new content on both my sites, which hopefully should rank high soon after publishing.

So it's a lot of work to do for this week. I want to soon create a plan including a timeline to get to $100 a day. I'll talk more about that when I've gathered my thoughts sufficiently.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Adsense Progress over the last couple weeks

Once again I've neglected to update this blog on a timely basis. Well let me get straight to the point.

I am just about averaging $1 a day on adsense. Looking at my earnings for the last 2 weeks, I see I am almost at $14. Now some days I make a lot less than $1, but other days compensate, averaging out things to what I said.

I have not had another day like that one I reported on the last time, where I made almost $10 in one day. But I will get there again, and produce such results more consistently. I have done more keyword research and I have found some candidates that will likely increase my revenue. I have also put some effort into building backlinks to my sites. I even added some content to the sites.

For this week coming I plan to add content based on the keyword research I did. I will also continue to add backlinks. I found a source of backlinks, and a new strategy too, which I think will give me the boost I need to move up in the SERPs. I've already seen some improvement with one of my pages I have been focusing on.

Hopefully the results of carrying through with my plan will take me to $2 per day or beyond. I will report back with results once they are in, and also to let you know how well I am following the plan.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An Amazing Week For Adsense

Again I am late with my weekly report. I need to improve on that. I should probably post here more frequently too, for the benefit of readers and myself too, as it would help keep me focused and dedicated.

Anyway, the great news is that for last week, I made almost $14! Remember this is coming from $0.80 the previous week. So quite thrilling really. However, this seems to be somewhat of a fluke, as I actually made almost $10 in one day. I don't expect to get that again for a while. But I hope to get there sooner than later.

Perhaps I should also clarify that I made this money using two sites. My niche site was outperformed by the other.

Now as the end of the week coincided with the end of the month, I will also sum up what I got for the month of October. My adsense earnings for the month was somewhere between $17 and $18. But bear in mind that I had only started placing adsense ads on my niche site after more than a week into the month.

For this week I am trying to build some links to my sites. I am also looking for subjects to write about. I have started doing some keyword research, and will continue to do so.